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Why does my mother with dementia hide her underwear?


Why does my mother with dementia hide her underwear?


Anywhere from 6 to 7 million Americans are living with dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. If you have a loved one who is living with this disease, you know that it can sometimes lead to changes in behavior. One common change is hiding things, and this can be frustrating for caregivers. After all, when your mother hides things like clothes or food, it can make it difficult to keep them clean and healthy. However, there are reasons why your mother may be hiding her things, and understanding these reasons can help you to better care for them.

One reason why your loved one may be hiding their underwear is embarrassment. Dementia can sometimes make it difficult for people to control their bladder, and accidents can happen. If your loved one is embarrassed about an accident, they may try to hide their soiled clothing. Additionally, people with dementia may become agitated or paranoid about being naked. This can lead them to try and hide their clothing so that they don’t end up without anything to wear.

Another reason why your mother may be hiding their underwear is due to changes in their level of intelligence. As dementia progresses, people may lose the ability to understand why wearing underwear is important. In some cases, they may no longer even remember that they need to wear clothes at all. As a result, they may try and hide their underwear so that they don’t have to wear it.

Finally, your mother might feel paranoid about her possessions. Your mother might feel like someone is trying to steal her underwear, so the logical thing to do in her mind is to hide them.If your parent or loved one with dementia is hiding their underwear, it’s important to try and understand why. In many cases, it has to do with embarrassment, paranoia or changes in intelligence. Understanding the reason behind the behavior can help you to better care for your loved one.It is important that you be calm, caring, and understanding in these hard times.

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